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How To Upload Your PDF

You have downloaded our online template and created your design which you have converted to a PDF format and you are now ready to place your order. To place your online printing/foiling order follow the instructions provided on this page.

Simple steps to upload your PDF

Look up your template

If you know the template SKU you can search for the template in the search button on top of the page. As an example, the SKU is generally in the following format, 18-W or L1-W. Otherwise, go to the page where you have downloaded your template.

Select Paper

On the product details page for the template (same page where you have downloaded your template) you may select the paper type for your print/foil order.

Upload PDF

This is where you would also upload your PDF. Lookup your PDF by clicking on Browse and then click on Add to Cart. It may take a bit of time depending on the size of the PDF and your internet upload speed. Once your PDF has uploaded it will be automatically added to the cart.

Repeat for all of your pdf documents

The above steps must be repeated for all of your other PDF documents individually.

Check out

Once you have uploaded all of your PDFs you may finalise your order in your cart by clicking on checkout and completing your order details.