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What to Write On Your Wedding Invitation

(With Plenty of Examples!)


Finding the right wording to write and print on your wedding invitations can be a stressful task for all brides to be. But choosing the right wording doesn’t have to be a problematic process.


It's best to remember that every detail of your wedding invitation should be selected to communicate something effective to your beloved family and friends.


With our handcrafted material and designs providing you the perfect canvas, here are a few simple guidelines you could follow when deciding what to write on your wedding invitation.


Your wedding invitation should contain:


X) Full names of the bride and groom.


X) Names of the hosts of the wedding and reception (if not the bride and groom).

X) Date of the Ceremony date, along with day of the week, time of the reception, followed by location and location address.

X) The names of your guests.


Always use the accurate names of the guests on the invitation and accompaniments. If you are unsure of the names, always double check with your partner, family and triple check if you are working with a wedding planner. Using the right name will make your guests feel honored and more welcome at your wedding.


It is recommended not to include wedding gift registry information on the invitation. It is best to communicate the gift registry details on a wishing well card or gift registry card, which is designed as an accompaniment to suit the wedding invitation design.


Keep the invitation wording simple, with a beautiful quote that binds the bride and groom’s tale of love. Long wedding quotes can take up space and leave the invitation looking small and compressed.


Here's an example.


"From this day forward

Love fills a lifetime

And this our life, our beginning

One Love that is shared by two"


<Name of Guest>


We cherish the roles you play in our lives and would be honored if you would join us, as we enter into the journey of marriage


<Bride’s Name>


<Groom’s Name>


will exchange wedding vows

on <Date>

at <Time>

at <Venue>



Formal Wordings for Wedding Invitations


 For the Formal Ones


Formal weddings can be intimidating at most times, but you don't have to be intimidated by the process of finding the right words for your formal wedding invitation.


The guide to finding the right wording is much simpler than you think. Here are a few examples you can go along.


Formal wording for when the bride and groom are hosting the wedding


Ms. (Miss) Jessica Mary Jones


Mr. Lucas Walter Cage


request the honor of your presence

at their marriage

Saturday, the twelfth of February

two thousand sixteen

at half after six o’clock

The Gardens on Forest 

764, Forest Road, Peakhurst, New South Wales




The honor of your presence

is requested

at the marriage of


Mr. David Fisher


Ms. Keith Charles


Friday, the fourth of March

two thousand sixteen

at half past six o’clock

Amora Hotel

11 Jamison Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Formal wording for when both families are hosting the wedding together


Together with their families


Ms. (Miss) Lilian Aldrin


Mr. Marshell Eriksen


request the honor of your presence

at their marriage

Saturday, the twelfth of March

two thousand sixteen

at half after six o’clock

The Grace Hotel Sydney

Corner of York & King Streets

77 York Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


Formal wording for when both the bride’s and the groom’s parents hosting the wedding


Mr. and Mrs. David Grace


Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Rhee


request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of


Ms. Maggie Grace


Mr. Glenn Rhee


Saturday, the twelfth of February

two thousand sixteen

at half after six o’clock

Orso Bayside Reception

79 Parriwi Road, Corner Spit Rd,

The Spit, Mosman, NSW 2088 Sydney


Formal wording for a ceremony followed by a reception - hosted by the parents of the bride


Mr. and Mrs. James Everdeen

request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter


Ms. Katniss Everdeen


Mr. Peeta Mellark


Saturday, the eighteenth of June

two thousand sixteen

at half after three o’clock

St. Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, Sydney Square, George Street, Sydney

and afterward at the reception

Rydges World Square, 389 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000



Funny Wordings for Wedding Invitations


For the Funny Ones


If you are looking for wedding verses to leave everyone in stitches, you've got to have a distinctive style! Share your thoughts with a unique wedding verse that expresses you and your significant other's personality through subtle humour.


Have a look at our collection of humorous wedding verses and wordings for your funny wedding invitations.


"Pam & Jim

Sittin' In a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

First came love,

Now comes marriage.


They are going to the chapel

and are gonna get ma-a-arried.

Put your glad rags on and join us

We'll have fun when the clock strikes two.

Our hands are shaky and our knees are weak,

Who do you thank when you have such luck?

Bells will ring, the sun will shine.

I'll be his and he'll be mine.

From the day we say I do,

We'll love until the end of time,

And we'll never be lonely anymore."


Please join us on

Saturday, September 17th 2016

At the Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club

86, Stonecutters Drive, Colebee NSW 2761




"And finally after many, many years of waiting...

He proposed to her on bended Knee,

He asked “Will you travel

Through life with me?”


Said “Yes!” to



You are invited to share in their joy on

the 17th of September 2016

6.00pm onwards

At The Gardens on Forest

764, Forest Road, Peakhurst, New South Wales




Free booze and cake!

On the 2nd April 2016

At 6.00pm



P.S – Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt 

are getting hitched, so slap on some formal wear

And meet us

At The Hills Lodge, 1 Salisbury Rd, Corner Windsor Rd

Castle Hill, New South Wales




You are invited to the wedding of


Thomas and Giselle


Saturday, the twenty-third of July

two thousand and sixteen

at six in the evening

at Swissotel Sydney

68 Market Street

Sydney 2000 NSW


Ceremony followed by dinner, drinks, and awkward but passionate dancing



Wedding Invitation Wordings for a Beach Wedding


For the Ones Who Love the Sand & the Waves


Destination weddings are often planned ahead with great care. Beach weddings are believed to be the most popular amongst destination weddings in Australia.


If you are having a non-traditional beach wedding, you can select non-formal wording and verses for the invitation. Here are a few examples on how to set the perfect wording for your beach wedding invitations.


When the bride and groom are hosts


We love beaches, booze, and treasure hunts.

Join us on an adventure

 As we,

Jessica Jones


Lucas Cage


Seal the deal in

Cabo, San Lucas,



August 20, 2016

6.00pm onwards


 Reception to Follow

 At Cabo Resort, San Lucas, Mexico




And finally after 5 years of dating,

2 years after longest engagement ever,


Rachel Green


Ross Geller


Invite you to share 

 a celebration of love on the sunny and sandy shores

of Fitzroy Island

on 9th April 2016 

6.00pm onwards

At The Esplanade, Fitzroy Island, Queensland 4870, Australia


When the bride's and groom's parents are hosts


"Love is more thicker than forget

more thinner than recall

more seldom than a wave is wet

more frequent than to fail

it is most mad and moonly

and less it shall unbe

 than all the sea which only

is deeper than the sea."


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson

request the presence of your company

at the marriage of their daughter


Bella Swan


Edward Cullen


Saturday the sixteenth of July

two-thousand and sixteen

at six o'clock in the evening

Beachside Pavilion, 1400 West Beach Boulevard, Miami, Florida


Reception to follow on the moonlit beach.


When the bride and groom along with their parents are hosts


Under the stars

On a moonlit beach

With the sound of waves

Crashing at our feet


Lorelai Gilmore


Lucas Danes


together with their parents

request the pleasure of your company

at their marriage

in Bali, Indonesia


April 17, 2016


Reception to follow along the shores of


Jalan Pratama, 168 Tanjung Benoa On the Coast of Nusa Dua, Bali, 80363, Indonesia



Wedding Invitation Wordings for Garden Weddings 


For the Ones Who Love the Great Outdoors


From the moment you say “I DO”, it is not unusual to believe that a wedding will be considered the most special occasion in your life.

Outdoor or garden wedding invitations are more than stunning; they are created to make a statement. To help you out, we have gathered some of our favorite wedding invitation wording examples for our readers.


When the bride and the groom are hosts


Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Two idiots met while on a secret mission

And nothing has been the same ever since.


Please join us, 

Jaina Solo


Jason Fel


As we walk alongside Alexandra lake to celebrate our union


on 22nd October 2016

at Alexandra Gardens

Cnr. Cotham Rd. & Gellibrand St. Kew, VIC


The reception will be followed by

Kylo Ren’s dramatic solo performance of “ Crazy In Love”




Katie Bowen


Joseph Gordon Green

invite you to share in their joy

as they exchange marriage vows

alongside the magical centennial vineyards

on Saturday, the twentieth of August

Two thousand and sixteen

at three-thirty in the afternoon


Reception to follow at

Centennial Vineyards Restaurant

252 Centennial Road, Bowral NSW 2576




Dining and dancing under the stars

following the ceremony


Mark and Jacob

Invite you to a special intimate ceremony

To celebrate our union

On Saturday, the twentieth of August

Two thousand and sixteen

at four-thirty in the evening

Overlooking the sunset in the garden of our home

No 345, Oak drive, NSW


Reception to follow with champagne and dancing


When the bride's and groom's parents are hosts


Because you have believed in them,

Celebrated with them

Loved and encouraged them.

We, Maryanne David and Carl David

And Louise Stevens and Thomas Stevens

Ask you to join us in honoring our children


Monica David


Chandler Stevens


As they celebrate the beginning of their adventures together

On Saturday, 17th September 2016

At Copes Lookout

Jeffery Street, Kirribilli, NSW


Bring your dancing shoes

Dinner and music immediately following the ceremony.


When the bride's parents are hosts


How beautiful is the day

that is touched by love

In the great outdoors

Under the stars


David and Lois Dunphy

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter


Faye Dunphy


Markus Letterman


on Saturday, the twenty-sixth of November

Two thousand and sixteen

at four o'clock in the afternoon

at Alexandra Gardens

Cnr. Cotham Rd. & Gellibrand St. Kew, VIC


When the bride and groom along with their parents are hosts


Together with their parents

Rey Kenobi


Ben Solo

invite you to share with them

a celebration of love in the countryside, under the stars


The ceremony will be

at six o'clock in the evening

on Saturday, the eleventh of June

Two thousand and sixteen

at Centennial Vineyards Restaurant

252 Centennial Road, Bowral NSW 2576